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'What changes would you like to see in the cultural sector, Priya Sundar?'

Thursday, 15 December

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Meet Priya Sundar 

Priya Sundar believes that any art by itself is a universal language and so is dance. As a trained Bharathanatyam (Indian Classical dance) danseuse who has performed on numerous platforms,  she truly feels that a traditional dance form can enchant the artist as well as the  audience at the same time. Apart from being a practiced performer, she is also an ardent dance teacher,  an adept workshop leader, a brilliant contemporary choreographer and a creative manager. Priya also specialises in a variety of folk dances from India (for example: Dhandiya, Oilattam and Bhangra). 

What interests you about rural touring? 

Rural touring is a fantastic scheme that provides artists with the opportunity to take their ideas, concepts, culture, tradition, and unique performances to a sector that is not easily accessible. It offers a wonderful chance to get our work seen by a huge and diverse range of people, it is such a great feeling and pleasure to see the community coming together to watch performances. Not only is it a rewarding experience, but a fantastic creative challenge to present high-quality work in an intimate atmosphere and interact directly with people. It is always a magical experience and an immense joy and adventure. 

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What changes, if any, in the cultural sector would you like to see happening to support greater diversity? 

I strongly believe the change has to come from young ones. Schools and colleges should have access to more diverse cultures and traditions, not just a one-off dance and music day on a Diwali or a Chinese New Year. The rural sectors should have access to diverse culture and traditions via projects which are from a different genre and diverse sector. I would like to see more support for smaller groups and individual artists. Recognition of quality work (irrespective of individual & regional) is something I would like to see. 

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