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A time to say 'thanks'

Tuesday, 01 June

Volunteer's Week

“I get a huge ‘buzz’ from the whole rural touring scheme process, from studying the programme through to the conclusion of each event. It’s an opportunity to enjoy affordable, varied, professional arts events in a familiar local setting."

Live & Local Audience Member,
Sherbourne Village Hall

The work we do at Live & Local wouldn’t be possible without our network of over 250 volunteer promoter groups across the Midlands. They continue to amaze us with their determination, spirit and passion for bringing their communities together with live performance.

Live And Local 25 09 20 (67 Of 72)

For Vounteers’ Week 2020, we shone a light on the fantastic work these groups were doing to support their communities through the pandemic and one year on, we take a moment to say thank you. We are beyond thrilled to have started talking to promoters about planning shows again and we thank every one of them for their enthusiasm, understanding and care as we work together to deliver exciting events in a very different world than we were in a year ago.

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Live & Local supports volunteer promoters in order to deliver entertaining, high-quality live performances within your local communities. As a promoter you are in the driving seat, the decision making process is yours. This is YOUR opportunity to bring quality performances to your area (with a little help from the Live & Local team).

We help you select shows which best suit your local venue and audience, and provide friendly advice and information, tips on managing your event, marketing support to attract a local audience, and financial subsidy.

People join us as volunteers to:

  • Take on a challenge.
  • Try something new.
  • Bring people together.
  • Bring happiness to their community.
  • Make a difference.
  • Make new friends.
  • Socialise. Have fun!

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