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Village Halls Week: What does inclusivity in the arts mean to you?

Friday, 27 January

Village Halls Week


As Village Halls Week draws to a close, we asked the Live & Local team 'What does inclusivity in the arts mean to you?'

“[Inclusivity in the arts] increases social connections, deepens relationships, reinforces feelings of belonging, keeps the mind sharp. All of which are positively associated with well-being. 

Or perhaps.... art is part of what makes us human.” – Executive Director, John Laidlaw

“For me it’s giving everyone access to arts and culture in all its widest sense and meanings. It’s to make art with and for people that they can engage in and be both challenged and enjoy.” – Artist Engagement Officer, Steve Wilson

“I think that for me it's about people feeling ownership of art which reflects their own viewpoint/culture. It's about price not being a barrier to people engaging with the arts. It's about everyone having access to consume, create or participate in the arts in spaces which are relevant and accessible to them. “ - Engagement Manager, Chris Davis


“I believe the arts industry should enable the inclusion of participants from all backgrounds, abilities and perspectives, both in its performers and in its audiences.” - Programme Administrator, Laura Bagley 

"I believe social inclusion through the arts is an important tool to improve rural health. Rural & community touring is just one element to support high levels of community cohesion and well-being." - Community Engagement Officer, Rachael Osmotherley

For me, it's thinking outside the box and actively seeking out those who never consider themselves welcome in many aspects of society and so never have the chance to even wonder about us.” - Community Engagement Officer, Lesley Gibson

The Arts in their broadest sense are life enhancing and by being inclusive we should not only ensure there are no barriers to participation but actively support individuals and communities to engage, create and enjoy cultural activities and express themselves through the arts. - Community Engagement Officer, Michele Clerc

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'Inclusivity in the arts to me means not just being open to everyone, but actively seeking engagement with people from all backgrounds and perspectives. For me it's important to keep in mind that not excluding someone does not mean everyone is being included.' - Audience Engagement Officer, Katharina Guggenberger-Predota

“Having grown up in a small, low-income town, inclusivity is all about access for me. I believe that everyone should be able to experience high-quality, diverse art. Inclusivity is an opportunity for growth and learning... about culture, about beliefs and about people.” – Marketing & Publicity Assistant, Emily Bennett

Live & Local Team Warwickshire Open Studios CREDIT SOPHIE KIRK

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