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Is The Swearing Jar the perfect Valentine's Day Show, Angharad Jones?

Monday, 06 February

Artist Spotlight

Valentines Day

We speak to Angharad Jones, the Artistic Director of New Perspectives latest show The Swearing Jar to ask about the challenges of rural touring and whether this really is the perfect Valentine's Day show.

Recently released as a film, New Perspectives presents the UK premiere of this award-winning bittersweet comedy offering audiences a warm embrace, full of heartbreak, humour and songs.

If you had to describe the show in three words, what would they be?

Heartbreaking, heartwarming, wholesome.


What originally drew you to the 'The Swearing Jar'?

We were looking to create a show that would warm the hearts of audiences and this play is a perfect bittersweet celebration of love.


What can audiences expect if they get along to see the show?

Romance, heartbreak, catchy songs, some laughter and probably some tears.

NEW PERSPECTIVES The Swearing Jar In Rehearsal L R Paige Round, Joe Wiltshire Smith

What are the challenges you've faced touring 'The Swearing Jar' to rural audiences?

Sometimes challenges can be our greatest opportunities. I love making touring theatre that is equally powerful in a village hall as it is in a studio theatre. This play opens at a concert/party – to which you’re invited – so touring this to community spaces feels particularly fitting. Finding ways to move through space and time is always a challenge but that’s also the fun and every creative team finds a different way or style to tell their version of the story. I’m excited by the use of music to complement the brilliant songs and all the design decisions we’ve made are in-keeping with the range of rural spaces we will visit.   

NEW PERSPECTIVES The Swearing Jar In Rehearsal Stanton Wright

Being a romantic comedy with some heartbreak and humour, does that make it the perfect Valentine's day show?

100 percent yes! It’s got all of the right ingredients for a really enjoyable night.

It feels of a similar ilk to some the best rom-coms about think PS I Love you meets Once with a smattering of the The Holiday and A Star is Born


NEW PERSPECTIVES The Swearing Jar In Rehearsal Tanya Myers

We'd like to thank Angharad Jones and all of the team at New Perspectives and wish them the best of luck on their tour!

To find a performance of The Swearing Jar near you, visit our what's on page


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