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Inclusivity Week 2023 - Staff Reflections

Tuesday, 03 October



As National Inclusion Week draws to a close, our team have been reflecting on this year’s theme of #TakeActionMakeImpact and the positive steps we are taking towards strengthening our values so that we can continue to be a supportive and inclusive workplace.

"Taking part in National Inclusion Week was great way of embracing new and nuanced insight and renewing and refining our acceptance of others, not just in the workplace but across all walks of life." - Brian, Audience Engagement Officer

2433 Meeting With Diverse Team Of Professionals

"I had not realised that National Inclusion Week is already in its eleventh year! I was pleased to attend a webinar on Cultural Awareness and Inclusivity in the Workplace. I learned about being self-aware, looking at yourself to appreciate how others might see you, and that it's OK to be curious and ask questions of others to gain a broader perspective." - Laura, Programme Administrator

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"Inclusion means acting with empathy, considering people's diverse needs, experiences and abilities in order to remove barriers and provide equal access to information, products and services." - Beau, Admin & Marketing Assistant


"I attended the webinar on inclusive recruiting, and I learned how important it is for companies to be inclusive from the very beginning not just once someone is employed. A positive experience signals to new recruits and external agencies that the company is flexible and open to making reasonable adjustments to be inclusive and provide a safe space for those with protected characteristics.

Inclusivity means a lot to me, in particular remembering that equality and equity are not the same thing. Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities. Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome." - Zara, Company Administrator

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"One of the main takeaways from National Inclusivity Week for me was that 70-80% of disabilities are non-visible.

This is so important to remember in order to contribute to creating work environments that are inclusive - but also when interacting with anyone in everyday life!" - Kat, Audience Engagement Officer


"For me, National Inclusion Week has been really enlightening. I attended a fantastic webinar with other industry professionals and now have a range of ideas to bring back to the team at Live & Local" - Emily, Marketing & Publicity Assistant


"To me, inclusivity is making sure that all people in society have the same access and opportunities, with any additional needs being met. It is about equity, not equality.
Last week I reflected on the statistic that 70-80% of disabilities are hidden." - Kirsty, Company Manager  

Women Inclusion In The Workplace

"Inclusivity is the antidote to exclusion. This isn't just theory, it's life." - Lesley, Community Engagement Officer


Find out more about National Inclusivity Week here and make sure to follow Live & Local on Facebook, Instagram, Threads and X to see what we've been up to.

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