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New Shows This Season

Wednesday, 12 October

Community Touring Scheme

New Season

Our Artist Engagement Officer Steve Wilson took some time to write down what new and exciting shows await you in our programme this season.

'The Great Almighty Gill’ by New Perspectives Theatre

New Perspectives Theatre have been making theatre for rural audiences for almost 50 years. Their latest show ‘The Great Almighty Gill’ is one of those life changing shows that once seen are never forgotten. Taking a eulogy written about his father who died of Alzheimers, the play is a recollection of a special life lived, by friends and family. Featuring stand up comedy, lip-synching and lots of laughter with the odd swear word this is a show that all of us can relate to.


Much Ado About Jazz

This is a great music evening of jazz with Chris Gumbley & Al Gurr (Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Saxophones & Piano). Inspired by being years on the road, Chris and Al lost track of people describing jazz as aloof, self-indulgent, even lacking in any real melodic content.
In this show they revisit some much-loved, mostly jazz classics and present them with an energy that not only involves the audience, but also offers an insight into how jazz musicians work.
Add to that a large dose of dry humour and you start to get a feel for what their performance is all about.

Much Ado About Jazz

'The Frozen Roman' by Badapple Theatre

Rural touring regulars Badapple Theatre return to our menu with a new show concerning hapless villagers who are all racking their brains for some way to halt the impending housing development that will threaten their peaceful way of life. That’s when the discovery of an ancient Roman burial ground underfoot comes into play - if they could authenticate their mysterious finding, might it fling a spanner in the works of the industrial development?
‘The Frozen Roman’ is a theatre production by Kate Bramley and a truly life-affirming double-dose of comedy, where the normally sedate villagers’ lives go ‘ballisticus maximus’ as the pressure builds. It features original songs and music by Jez Lowe (SONY and ARIA award-winning singer/ songwriter), who is also a Live & Local regular. A comedy show with a serious message!

The Frozen Roman

Swervy World

Welcome to Swervy World; an eclectic traditional jazz, cabaret and theatre band, playing music for discerning dancers and listeners everywhere!
This talented five-piece play a variety of instruments including saxophone, sousaphone, banjo, percussion and vocals as they perform an eclectic mix of rock ‘n’ roll, jump blues, boogie woogie, surf, ska, blue beat (and occasionally traditional jazz) - you name it, they do it!
Experience a performance of unbridled enthusiasm from this national touring band, whose members are all from a background of travelling street performers, having been solo performers working and travelling year round as a way of life.
A fun-filled memorable evening guaranteed for all the family!

Swervy World

'The Nosy Little Troll' by Garlic Theatre

Garlic Theatre make wonderful imaginative children’s theatre for audiences. Their latest show is set deep in the heart of the Norwegian Forest, where live the trolls – big trolls, tiny trolls and a Nosy Little Troll who has an amazingly sensitive nose…
This lovely show is about bravery and facing your demons, or in this case, smell! Aimed at children from the ages of 3-8, this is a warm-hearted funny Scandinavian story, starring a tasty brown cheese song, a lost goat and a bushy old troll with green fingers.

Dan Sealey’s 'From the Albert Hall to the Music Hall'

This is a brilliant new show for music fans of all ages. After a notable career with bands such as Ocean Colour Scene and Cosmotheka, Dan is taking his own show on the road. The show features music from all the bands he’s been involved with, the often hilarious stories he’s amassed along the way and new material from the album he is working on, due for release early next year.
This is an entertaining evening of music and conversation that tells the story of Dan's unusual and unorthodox career in the music industry - from working in a factory to playing at the Albert Hall in the space of a week, through to performing Music Hall songs with his father, Dave Sealey, and everything in between.

From The Albert Hall To The Music Hall

'The Odyssey' by David Mynne

David Mynne’s one person version of Homer's Odyssey is perfect material for this founder member of Cornwall's legendary Kneehigh Theatre Company. See him play a host of exciting characters - including a one-eyed Cyclops, a six-headed monster and the terrifying Sea God Poseidon – and watch as he conjures up a mighty storm and keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is proper Greek stuff (sex, swords, sandals) with all the boring bits removed, promising an evening of entertainment, containing all the usual Mynne offerings of fun, silliness and a few cheeky lines!

Dave Mynne's skill with just a suitcase full of simple props, rubber-faced acting and his clear and concise storytelling will have you on your feet cheering for more.

Odyssey Image 1 Blank Web

'The Head Gardener' by Untied Artists

Gardening is good for you, so claim brothers Jack and Warren Oldershaw!

It seems more and more people have been embracing the simple pleasure of growing things and brothers Jake and Warren have been propagating a delightful theatre show that digs deep into the reasons why we could all do with a bit more horticulture in our lives.

During each performance they’ll design, draught and bring to life a unique and beautiful garden; share fascinating stories of different plants and species; tell personal tales of why gardening is so important for mental health and throw a few songs into the mix. This is a must for gardeners of all ages, levels and also for those of us who look out on our garden with the aim of doing it the next day. A brilliant show that will make you feel good!

Untied Artists The Head Gardener

'Is that a Bolt in your Neck' by Gonzo Moose Theatre

Think gothic movies of the 1930’s! Think of Dracula and Frankenstein and all things that go bump in the night! In this family show, watch three actors play up to thirty characters in this brilliantly funny, fast-paced performance aimed at all the family. Your chance to see strange experiments, mad puppets and wonderful fast paced action.

Is That A Bolt In Your Neck

'Holmes & Watson: The Farewell Tour' by Pyramus and Thisbe Productions

Before slipping into well-earned retirement, Sherlock Holmes has prevailed upon his long-time companion Dr Watson, his landlady Mrs Hudson and Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard to join him in a farewell tour of the British Isles. For the first time ever they will re-enact one of the detective's most baffling unrecorded cases - The Case of the Prime Minister, the Floozie and the Lummock Rock Lighthouse - an affair upon whose outcome the security of Europe once hung by a thread. There is one problem: unfortunately, the set and props have been left behind, so Dr Watson has to improvise a set and props for the demanding Holmes, using whatever comes to hand. He’s also called upon to portray the cockney Floozie and the Prime Minister amongst other roles. A gloriously funny show from rural touring experts!

Holmes and Watson The Farewell Tour

'SET MENU: The Best of George Egg'

George has been a mainstay of rural touring for quite some time and his shows are hugely popular. In this new show, George presents a greatest hits of his past shows. This is the best bits, the most delicious jokes and the funniest food. Meals are actually cooked which you get the chance to eat!

A show that is totally different from anything else you'll see. It's live gourmet cooking in the most unconventional ways, while performing a comedy show-cum-lecture. It's different, inspiring, and it completely spans genres.

Perhaps you recognise George? You might have seen him on Steph’s Packed Lunch (C4), heard him on Loose Ends (BBC R4) and seen him online where he boasts over 5 million views.

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