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Meet Kristie

Monday, 11 March


Hi – I’m Kristie Naimo, pleased to be here at Live & Local and I’m taking over from Kirsty as the new Company Manager (I know – we have confusingly similar names!)

I grew up on an organic farm in rural Australia and I’ve lived in the UK for just over 20 years. I think it was travel that originally brought me over here and then I met my husband (Anthony) who is from Wales and we’ve stayed. One of the things I love most about living in the UK is the seasons – I feel there is a more noticeable shift in seasons here which I didn’t always experience growing up in Australia. I’m a huge lover of all things outdoors so I’ve certainly had to adapt to the change of climate and being prepared for all weathers. I love walking and spend most of my weekends getting out and about exploring new places.

What was your favourite live event or a memorable live event that you attended?
I’m very fortunate to be involved with the Foundry Wood community woodland in Leamington Spa and we’ve hosted a whole range of outdoor shows over the past 10 years. They’ve all be wonderful, but I always enjoy Mikron Theatre – a company who tour via a canal boat and always put on a good show.

What are your favourite aspects of rural life?
Being able to walk out the door and have access to the Countryside is a big plus for rural life here. Connecting with nature, to see and hear wildlife is really important to me.

What is your all-time favourite song or band?
It’s hard to choose a favourite when it comes to bands or musicians but there is an Australian band called My Friend the Chocolate Cake (great name!) who I love. I’m also listening to a lot of Emily Barker (also an Aussie but I discovered her music over here).

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What are your hobbies?
I love singing. I’ve been in a local community choir called Songlines for nearly 17 years! It’s mostly singing for pleasure but we do perform occasionally. I’m a lover of the outdoors. And being active outdoors – so swimming, walking, cycling… currently a group of us are walking Offas Dyke long distance path. We are doing it in small stages so it’s taking us years but it’s a great way to see the countryside.
I also love to travel - especially going to new places and countries. Oh and I like going to the cinema or watching live music in small local venues!

What was the last book you read? 
I’m in a book club so that gives me the chance to read all sorts of things – including genres I might not normally choose. I used to read mostly classics and fiction but In recent years I’ve enjoyed a lot of nature writing – 'Waterlog' by Roger Deakon was particularly memorable and has inspired me to swim in new places!

Do you have any podcast recommendations?

I do like Kermode and Mayo’s Take for all things film related. And last year I enjoyed listening to the podcast from a friend who recently walked the length of England. It’s called You Will Get Blisters and it’s very funny and entertaining.

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This or that?

  • Cats or dogs? Dogs probably but we don’t have either
  • Tea or coffee? Tea
  • Cheese or chocolate? Dark Chocolate
  • Beach or mountains? Hmmm both
  • Paper book or e-book? Paper but I do have a kindle for travel
  • Winter or summer? Summer
  • Pop or rock? Can I pick folk instead?
  • Morning person or night owl? Definitely a morning person
  • Sweet or salty? Salty
  • Driver or passenger? Passenger – currently I don’t drive
  • Spender or saver? Saver
  • Shower or bath? Bath – I love being in any sort of water
  • Sun or snow? Sunshine please!
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