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Village Halls Week: Is Rural Touring Inclusive?

Monday, 23 January

Village Halls Week


As Village Halls Week gets underway, we take a moment to celebrate the inclusivity of rural touring and how that can bring a community together, enriching life in our villages and small towns.

Inclusivity in rural areas means ensuring that all people are given the opportunity to enjoy the arts, come together as a community and be entertained.

Rural and community touring allows us to reach audiences with otherwise limited access to cultural experiences. Audiences in rural areas can enjoy the same opportunities to see and appreciate the arts on their doorsteps as urban counterparts.

70% of our audience travel less than 6 miles to a show, with 51% living within 3 miles of the venue. In most communities, Live & Local is the only regular professional arts offer available within 10 miles. Our promoters work hard to inform, involve and empower their communities, opening up access to the professional arts which reflects their own viewpoint or culture by removing as many barriers to engagement as possible. Making sure everyone can have physical access to their local community venue, where they can consume, create or participate in, with no need for long journeys or expense.

Rural touring can change individual and community perceptions of art and culture, increasing confidence and a sense of belonging in people. Bringing quality, diverse, and challenging arts activity has been shown to be integral to catalysing and supporting community life in rural areas.

Great Witley Village Hall 2

And it’s not just about the audience, Live & Local work hard to ensure there are opportunities for all artists, from different backgrounds, and specialising in a variety of art forms. We strive to support emerging local artists, embrace diversity, and value the artists for their ability & uniqueness. From dance to drama, comedy to music, poetry to films and more, Live & Local provides a platform for artists to share their diverse talents.

But don’t just take our word for it...

“Rural touring is a fantastic scheme that provides artists with the opportunity to take their ideas, concepts, culture, tradition, and unique performances to a sector that is not easily accessible. It offers a wonderful chance to get our work seen by a huge and diverse range of people” – Priya Sundar 

Priya Sundar 1 Edited

We'd like to thank our Accessibility Champion, Rachael Osmotherley for this blog.

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