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Celebrating Volunteers Week 2023

Friday, 02 June

Volunteer's Week

Community Spotlight

In celebration of Volunteers Week 2023, we have been chatting with Live & Local Community Engagement Officer Michele about why it's important we celebrate the community volunteers at the heart of rural touring and some of the challenges and rewards of volunteering.

What do you think are some of the benefits for Live & Local volunteers?

Our promoters tell me that they enjoy being part of the network, being able to support their community and being able to see fabulous shows. However, they might not always feel that in the middle of promoting a show!

What do you think is the biggest challenge for volunteer promotors?  

In recent years there has obviously been the major challenge of the pandemic. Some groups had found that volunteers and audiences were slow to come back. However, Live & Local volunteer promoters have shown amazing resilience and we are turning a corner. Audiences are returning and new volunteers are joining organising committees.

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Do you have a favourite memory of working with Live & Local volunteers?

I have so many fond memories, but I remember when I first started in the organisation and attended my first show. The promoter was taken ill and a promoter from a neighboring village came along and ran the event for them. 

Why do you think it’s important that we celebrate Volunteer’s Week?

Live & Local would not be able to deliver the range of exciting shows in so many places without the amazing volunteer promoters that work so hard to organise events for their communities. We should celebrate these special people who give their time, energy and enthusiasm to their communities.

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We'd like to thank Michele for this interview.

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