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Village Halls Week 2024: 'Top Tips on How Village Halls Can Go Green'

Wednesday, 20 March

Village Halls Week

This Village Halls Week we'd like to share some environmentally friendly tips for village halls to help them 'go green', which is this year's theme. From ways to make buildings more energy efficient to small changes venues can make at events, together we can work towards a brighter, greener future for rural touring and for village halls.

So what are you waiting for... let's go green!

Use a Online Booking System

A simple and effective way to reduce your carbon footprint is to switch from paper tickets to an online booking system. 

We recommend using TicketSource for Live & Local events and it's easy to get started. Check out their handy video on how to start selling tickets online here.

Not for you? If online ticketing isn't for you, why not try reducing the number of paper tickets you use by keeping a guestlist or emailing customers an e-ticket?

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Undertake a Carbon Audit of the Village Hall

The first step in tackling your carbon footprint is to understand your carbon output. 

The Home Survey Tool from Theatre Green Book enables building owners and managers to create a sustainability plan for their buildings.

This survey will ask questions about the building and create a plan to get your green journey underway. 

Please note: This is a starting point for venues. You may need to review your plan with a professional or based on your limitations. 

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Use Re-usable Cups and Plates

It may seem like a simple change but using reusable cups and plates at an event can reduce waste, save water used in production and lower the production of greenhouse gasses. 

"Yearly paper cups account for the cutting down of 6.5 million trees" - Green Steel

Reusable cups will also save money. Better for the planet and your pocket! We'd call that a win-win!

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Swap to LED Energy Saving Bulbs

A simple but effective change that village halls can make is to swap to LED energy saving lightbulbs. For each bulb that is switched, an average of 5KG of C02 emissions can be saved. 

Switching can also save up to £60 a year on electricity bills.

Find out more about how to switch bulbs here.

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Encourage Behaviour Change

Encouraging audiences to walk or car share to events can make a huge difference to the environment and reduce the production of greenhouse gasses.

Make recycling bins easily accessible around your venue to encourage visitors to recycle waste.

Use your space to promote climate awareness. Information resources can be found online. Check out this wonderful poster available to download from WWF.

Could you incentivise your audiences to walk to events? How about offering walkers a free raffle ticket or 10% off at the bar?

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Use Your Events Programme As A Voice

Consider the events and artists you are programming at your village hall. These events can be a fantastic opportunity to help spread the green message. 

Many artists offer shows about climate change and the natural world. This season we were thrilled to include The Allotment Project and Tell It To The Bees in our programme of events. 

Why not schedule a week of green activities or book a show to bring in new audiences? Check out The Great Big Green Week in June.

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For more information on Village Halls Week please click here.

For more information and guidance on tips to 'go green' please visit the Theatre Green Book.

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