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Staff's Season Recommendations Autumn/Winter 2022/23

Thursday, 18 August

New Season

The Autumn/Winter Season 2022/23 is yet to be announced - and while we're busy writing, designing and printing our What's On Diaries (for the first time since the pandemic!), we've asked the Live & Local team what shows they are looking forward the most next season:

"I'm looking forward to seeing The Frozen Roman by Badapple Theatre. I've seen their work before and it has always been engaging, funny and clever. This one is a comedy about hapless villagers trying to scupper a looming housing development on their land so I'm sure it will be equally as entertaining! And, as an added bonus, it showcases original music by Jez Lowe. A guaranteed fun night out for our Live & Local communities."

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"I was lucky enough to see a preview of The Great Almighty Gill and I'd definitely see it again. It's funny, shocking and reflective in equal parts. It has Elvis and coffins and an enormous teddy bear. By the end, you feel you've experienced a huge range of emotions. Love it - I'd go back."

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"The OdysseyDavid Mynne brings a Greek Epic to life!

I am really looking forward to seeing how David Mynne brings to life a one-eyed cyclops, a six-headed monster and the sea god Poseidon in this hilarious one-man take on Homer’s Odyssey with just one suitcase of props!

If you love all things Greek and epic, then this is the show for you!"

New Profile Olivia S

"My picks for the new season:

Remi Harris & Tom Moore - Remi is a wonderful guitarist and a firm favourite of the rural touring circuit. He's also a very friendly and personable musician who takes the audience behind the music. His show with Tom Moore will be a highlight for fans of jazz and music in general.

Set Menu, The Best of George Egg - I was gutted to have missed seeing George Egg, DIY Chef this year so I'll be sure to try and catch the follow-up show. Cooking and comedy served up in an anarchic style. I can't wait!

Kevin King Of Egypt, Rob Gee - Having seen Rob's previous show (Forget Me Not, The Alzheimer's Whodunnit), I know that this next offering from Rob will be just as good. Funny and poignant in equal measure, this show will be sure to be the perfect night out."

Chris Staff Photos 21 DSC1 Credit Sophie Kirkp

"This year I am really looking forward to seeing Ma Bessie’s Prohibition Party. Vocalist Julia has an amazing voice and her Pigfoot Band are incredibly talented. Their mix of 1920s and 30s jazz and blues makes a stunning and lively show."

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"Gonzo Moose’s Is that a Bolt in your Neck? looks like an absolute riot. I love the idea of a show parodying those great old black and white horror movies that were on the tv when I was student and a good laugh is always good for the soul."

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"The Daniel Smith Blues Band: I'm delighted to have an opportunity to see this fantastic boogie pianist again after eleven years, along with his classy band and his good humoured presentational style."


"I am really looking forward to Squidge by Wriggle Dance. It's a brilliant and different type of show. It's deceptively clever and smart. It’s one for kids and also for adults who used to be kids and still might be, given the chance."

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