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On this page you can find out about opportunities to work with us as an artist or company. All opportunities are curated by Live & Local and chosen by local community groups. We work with artists and companies that have the capacity to engage positively with participating groups and their target audiences, and meet the creative, technical, and marketing challenges inherent in the rural and community touring sector.

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Live & Local are happy to hear from you

however, we request that you have read the material and various links below. Please note we are happy to receive information about shows via our online Expression of Interest form at any time. We appraise these forms on an ongoing basis and will be in touch within one month from the date of receipt of your submission. The response will inform you whether we will require further information from yourselves at a future date or that we are not going to take your submission further.



for artists about Live & Local and rural touring.

Live & Local – Rural & Community Touring
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Details about funding, bookings and our selection process.

Artists FAQs
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Expression of Interest

If you wish to be considered for inclusion in our next 'Menu' of available shows, please submit an online Company & Show Expression of Interest form.

This is all we need in the first instance and we cannot actively consider a show without a this form being submitted. Please read all the notes on our Form Guidance page before submitting this form.

Expression of Interest Form
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Developing Artists in Rural Touring (DART)

If you’re an artist or company based in the East or West Midlands, you might be interested in our Developing Artists in Rural Touring (DART) strand of work, an ongoing programme of support, curated by Live & Local.

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National Rural Touring Forum

You may also like to consider an Associate Membership of the NRTF for additional resources, training and networking opportunities.

The National Rural Touring Forum's Guide 'Eyes Wide Open' is also a perfect start for your journey into the world of rural & community touring.

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