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Learn more about getting started as an artist, performing with Live & Local, when we make decisions and how the funding works.

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How do Companies Get Bookings?

Live & Local recommends companies and artists through a main annual Menu published in March and we sometimes refresh this Menu in the autumn. It contains indoor performances of all shapes and sizes, art forms and for all types of audiences available from the following late September to the following May. We will also consider outdoor shows available for through until the following September.

Our local promoters choose shows from this Menu for performances generally for the following October to may period. You have to be in our Menu to get bookings however this does not always guarantee performances as thereafter you have to be chosen by the local Promoters.
We will either

  1. reserve specific dates with you, which would be confirmed or otherwise in late May;
  2. we would offer you as generally available and get in touch to book dates in mid/late May; or
  3. very occasionally we will commit and contract specific dates at the time of publishing the Menu.
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How do we select the performers for inclusion in the Live & Local Menu?

Live & Local selects performances through recommendation and research, using information gathered from other touring schemes, our promoters, mainstream venues, showcases, other companies and by investigating unsolicited information sent to us.

If you are touring in the Midlands, please let us know. Where possible, we or our reviewers try to see shows we are considering for the Menu.
You should have the capacity to engage positively with Live & Local Promoters and their target audiences, and be able to resolve the technical, marketing and administrative challenges inherent in non-mainstream venues, and have high production values that are not compromised by performing in Live & Local venues.

Not having done this type of work before does not discount you, nor if you are a regular touring scheme performer looking to try something new. We want to hear from companies and artists new to this type of work and about new, different or challenging shows for our audiences, although it's always best to talk to us early in the creative process and do your research.

One of the main reasons we don’t select companies or particular shows is to avoid duplication in the Menu, and we always welcome applications for the following year.

When does Live & Local make decisions?

Live & Local publishes one main annual Menu in March containing indoor performances available from the following late September to the following May. This will sometimes be refreshed in the autumn with a few new shows.

This is why it's very important to plan ahead with your work. We are happy to receive information via our online Expression of Interest form at any time, however, please note that we start to shortlist for the Menu in December each year and complete the process by mid-February.

In addition we will consider outdoor work for through until the following September (i.e. up to 18 months ahead of the publication date in February).

We appraise Expression of Interest forms on an ongoing basis. We will be in touch within one month from the date of your form submission. This reply will inform you whether we will require further information from yourselves at a future date or that we are not going to take your submission further. Further information will mostly likely involve submitting a full Company & Show Information form.

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1) Anytime

Submissions via our online Expression of Interest form. Responses within 1 month.


2) December

Shows begin to be shortlisted for the Live & Local Menu.


3) December to Mid February

We clarify/discuss your full Company & Show Information form details and agree what dates will be offered in the Menu.


4) End of February

Menu is finalised, companies receive a Menu confirmation email which is the final confirmation that they are in the Menu.


5) Mid March

Draft Menu “launched” to promoters who will begin to select the shows with their committees


6) End March

Final Menu is published, and the Promoter Show Request portal opens (this is for performances for the following October to May period).


7) Mid May

Deadline for requests from promoters and initial date/venue options available for companies.


8) Late June/Early July

Programming completed, and dates confirmed for pre-Christmas shows and most post-Christmas shows. Some post-Christmas shows may take longer.


9) July onwards

Date and venue confirmation emails sent to companies. Followed by contracting process.


Publicity & Print

Guidelines for what print we require from Companies.

Publicity & Print
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Funding, Investment and Co-Productions

Please note this section is about funding, investment and partnerships for getting a show to the stage that it is available to tour, NOT about having enough bookings to make a tour viable.

We recognise the difficult balancing act on securing funding for companies/acts and are happy to accept shows that are reliant on other funding sources. Please be clear on your company form if you are awaiting on funding and also whether we can support any bids to outside sources.

Our default position is that we will not offer a show in the Menu that is relying on any funding, investment or co production arrangements for making and/or touring a show unless those finances or arrangements can be confirmed before our promoter’s request deadline in mid-May as being in place for the tour period.

We will reconsider this position for some shows or companies if they have come through our DART programme and/or meet our priority shows or Creative Case objectives.

Also as our Menu offers shows for the following October to May period, we will reconsider this position for shows only available in the following Feb to May period so long as funding and investment can be confirmed by mid-August.

The following applies to shows/tours that are in particular relying on an Arts Council National Lottery Project Grant:

For less than or equal to £15,000 the turnaround time is six weeks. So, a company could put in an application after they have been successful in making it into the Live & Local Menu on or before 1st April and have a decision before our requests’ deadline in Mid-May.

For over £15,000 it is 12 weeks, therefore a company would have to apply on or before 18th February. We would generally be able to tell companies whether they are in the Menu or not by this point.

Please note that to offer any show in our Menu that is still relying on ACE funding we would need to see similar creative, technical and other information (and assurances about other tour bookings) as you would have to provide for an ACE application. Therefore, we may ask to see relevant parts of the application.

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