Ollerton and the surrounding villages have a lot of history and have many interesting places to explore. Situated on the crossroads of 6 major cities, Ollerton is listed in the Domesday book and was a meeting place for officials, commissioners and justices of the peace in mediaeval times! New Ollerton was originally built as a ‘model village’ with coal mining as its main industry. Miners enjoyed a good standard of living with large gardens and hot water. These days, the community spirit in Ollerton continues to thrive, as Lisa consults with excited residents and stakeholders, all keen to make RHT a success.

Other opportunities nearby...


Edwinstowe is Robin Hood's village! Thriving and picturesque, this is where Robin Hood and Maid Marian tied the knot! This friendly village has an award winning brass band, connections to its colliery and the famous ‘Major Oak’ in Sherwood Forest. Lisa has been visiting Edwinstowe and enjoying the community’s warmth and enthusiasm for being involved in upcoming creative projects and opportunities.


Lesley would love to hear from anyone who has identified a need in the town that arts provision can fill. Please email her if you'd like to have a chat about possibilities.