It's a GAS Listings for January - March 2024

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Grace Petrie
09 27 2023 195318 7086
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Jameswiltondance Lore 7
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Grace Petrie

Grace Petrie: Butch Ado About Nothing

Finding herself at 35 in an age of incessantly and increasingly fraught gender politics, Grace feels both more exposed and less seen than ever. Join her as she explores what butch identity means in a world moving beyond labels, and tries to work out where it, and she, belong in the new frontline of queer liberation. Sounds funny, right?

24.01.24 Warwick Arts Centre, Warwickshire
Grace Petrie

The John Martyn Project

This is a special project where six artists come together to celebrate the music of John Martyn. Each brings their own story and connection to John’s music which adds to the fabric of the overall experience of the project.

26.01.24 Warwick Arts Centre

James Wilton Dance: LORE

A folklore-inspired journey into a pagan world of gods, demons and humans, all embodied through otherworldly athleticism. LORE is about connection to nature, making you feel the energy that flows from the ground, through our bodies and back into the earth.

30.01.24 Warwick Arts Centre
Jameswiltondance Lore 7

Table 14

Table 14 is an acoustic trio featuring vocals, acoustic guitar, fiddle or banjo and double bass. They play a lively mix of Americana, original songs and old time fiddle tunes. In addition to the ‘foot tapping’ numbers the sets feature some soulful ballads beautifully enhanced by the weaving fiddle part. Table 14 have a unique sound but one that is always appreciated by our audiences.

06.02.24 Louth Riverhead Theatre, Lincolnshire
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Ishi Khan: I Am Happy - Remixed!

Very Funny! Very Silly! Life-Affirming! were some initial reviews. Awkward, timid, lovely were other reviews. Come decide for yourself if it’ll bring you happiness and whether Ishi really does have the largest prop in comedy.

08-10.02.2024 Knight & Garter, Leicester
09 27 2023 195318 7086

Billy Bremner's Rockfiles with James Oliver Band

Material from Rockpile, Dave Edmunds, Billy Bremner and Nick Lowe. Its pure Rock´n´Roll at its best. High energy and guitar based music!

12.02.24 Temperance, Leamington Spa
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Do You Think That's Wise? The Life and Times of John Le Mesurier

In this affectionate tribute to one of Britain’s best-loved comedy stars, leading impressionist Julian Dutton (BBC1’s The Big Impression, BBC R4’s The Secret World, co-creator & co-star of BBC2’s Pompidou) brings to life the man behind the wry smile and urbane English repartee that charmed millions and turned John Le Mesurier into a household name as Sergeant Wilson in Dad’s Army.

14.02.24 The Little Theatre, Leicester
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Stephanie Laing: Rudder

A comedy dance show about balance. Stephanie has a history of falling over a lot, knocking her head off shelves, accidentally kneeing herself in the face, swearing in important meetings and falling in love with Total Kn*bheads. Exploring these concepts with a mixture of stand-up and dance, this is a show about a search for balance, healing and understanding. “Gloriously silly, wonderfully unpretentious” – Broadway Baby

16.02.24 Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicestershire
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Edge Street Live presents Brian Bilston & Henry Normal

Brian Bilston and Henry Normal appear together for the first time in a show which one critic has described as “two people reading some poems”. Along the way, they will be drawing on their vast catalogue of crowd favourites – and throwing in new poems, to prevent becoming their own tribute bands. Live performance and book signing.

17.02.24 Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek
Edge Street

Edy Hurst’s Wonderful Discoverie of Witches in the Countie of Himself

A show about the Witch Trials, Neurodivergence and The Vengaboys. Hark! Recent revelations hath shone a light upon the ancestry of Edy Hurst (“bursts with comedic joy” The Skinny) from Lancaster in 1612. Armed with the gifts of the dark arts, what visions shall we receive on this Quest? And also why do the Vengaboys keep featuring so heavily?

17.02.24 Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicestershire
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The Lovely Boys: Kids Know Best

Calling adults of the world! You have problems! So many problems! Award winning comedy double act The Lovely Boys do NOT have the answers to your problems. But they know who does… KIDS KNOW BEST is an interactive comedy chat show where kids from the audience give their best advice to the so called ‘grown ups’ in the room. A revolving panel of kids will provide genius ideas, tackle important debates alongside loads of fun, music and games from The Lovely Boys.

21.02.24 Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicestershire
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Beans on Toast

The captivating troubadour known as Beans on Toast embarks on a joyous musical escapade in early 2024. Captivating hearts and minds with his tales of love, politics and the human experience, Beans is unafraid to challenge the status quo with his irreverent wit and soul-stirring lyricism. Please note: this gig is standing room only.

28.02.24 The Drill, Lincoln
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Is It Me Or Is It Hot In Here?

Zeph Churchill is a retired Nurse from Spalding, Lincolnshire. She is passionate about improving the lives of menopausal women to prevent them having to linger in the frozen pea section of the supermarket to relieve a hot flush! She wants to rid the world of the advice she had been given to manage her own menopause of : ‘Just pop your cardigan off dear’ and ‘Why don’t you throw a Tupperware party?’

07.03.24 Stamford Arts Centre
Is It Me 1


You are invited to Mrs. Thatcher’s very own traditional English tea party. With lip-sync, clown and verbatim theatre you are encouraged to bring your anger or admiration in the comforts of cake and cucumber sandwiches. Created and performed by Jack Boal, who grew up in Thatcher’s former constituency, Thatcher-Rite puts the personal and political side by side.

08.03.24 Lincoln Arts Centre
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Hannah Walker: Gamble

Gamble is a glittering, glamorous peek into the spectacular world of online gambling. A bittersweet multimedia show about addiction and its effect on families, friends, and communities. There’s a girl who used to think gambling was all about big wins at the village monthly bingo. A decade later, the gambling industry is all about online and is BIGGER than ever! Without realising it, it’s made its way into the girl’s home, her relationship, her joint account.

08.03.24 MAC, Birmingham
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Sam Sweeney Band

Bellowhead fiddle player and BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Musician of the Year 2015, Sam Sweeney comes to Lakeside to play his genre-defying landmark album, ‘Escape That’ with his all-star band. Featuring Louis Campbell on electric guitar, Ben Nicholls on double bass and Stuart McCallum on acoustic guitar, this will be a gig you don’t want to miss.

13.03.24 Lakeside Arts, Nottingham
News Sam Sweeney Band

Altered Skin: Fatherhood

Being a father in the 21st century is complicated, especially when you’re the father of a son of mixed heritage. Three very different characters, each with their own stories of being and having a dad explore the highs and lows of fatherhood across generations and across continents. Centred around everyday, relatable experiences, this original new work traces epic journeys and ponders domestic dilemmas with humour and sensitivity.

16.03.24 Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicestershire
Fatherhood By Altered Skin 1 1025X1536

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