Short Film Competition

This year's Big Picture Festival Short Film Competition winners have been picked. We received an incredible range of high quality, entertaining and diverse films and our team enjoyed watching each of them, so thank you to everyone who has submitted.

The Winners - Q&A and Screening

The winning filmmakers of the first prize and the runner up prizes were invited to a Q&A session on Saturday 27 May 6pm at the Holy Trinity Parish Centre where the short films were screened as well.

All Laurels


A University student's life is turned upside down when she discovers the existence of a website dedicated to her.

About the director

Laurence Roberts is a Nottingham based Director and Editor. His work is primarily about how young people interact with technology and how that affects their relationship with one another and the wider world. The Amazing of Emma is his second short film. Laurence was awarded the Nottingham College BA Digital Media Design student of the year award as a result of this project.

"The Amazing World of Emma was the result of a university assignment in which I was asked to create a horror film, but instead of making a horror film about ghosts or zombies, I wanted to create a film that was based in reality. After all, what better horror is there, than real life?"

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Director Laurence Roberts
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"With this film, I wanted to explore the notion of internet stalking, our obsession with celebrities, with the people we idolise and how our world has been completely taken over by our phones and social media. When you finish watching the film, I don’t just want you to ask “Who is watching me”, but to ask “Who am I watching?"

Laurence Roberts

"For my Film Studies A-Level last year, I wanted to make a film on an important issue like OCD. I filmed it over 2 days in a National Express bus and definitely underestimated the difficulty of doing so, due to the shakiness of the bus and the travel sickness I experienced. It was quite difficult doing everything on my own (writing, producing, cinematography, sound and editing), but I am proud of how it turned out and I learnt a lot from making the film."

Freya Baker-Duffin



Driven To Despair is about a girl with OCD who is guided by her mental health issue and rigidly sticks to situations she knows she can control. When taking the bus, she misses her stop and has to deal with a situation that she hasn't planned. The film shows her dealing with the panic caused by her OCD and reaching a form of enlightenment.

About the director

Since finishing her A-Levels, Freya Baker-Duffin is working as an apprentice in TV Production for the BBC - which is allowing her to learn about all areas of the industry and choose where she wants to end up. 'It’s an exciting job and I absolutely love it!'

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Stripey Socks is the true tale of Michelle Bailey as a young girl dealing with teenage pregnancy, navigating her way through secrecy, blame and catholic school. The film, shot by Diana Stefanescu, is of live illustrators by Cait Buckley which are complemented by the beautiful soundtrack by Sophie Hadlum. The film was made on the same weekend as the Irish abortion referendum which compelled the director to make this film.

About the director

Michelle Bailey is a multi award winning filmmaker from Coventry and founder of Baileyface Productions which celebrates women in front and behind the camera. Having worked in the Film industry and in Film Exhibition for over 14 years, Michelle has experience in many different roles, mostly as an Art Director, Director or Project manager. Michelle recently worked at Flatpack Festival as Project manager for the highly successful CineCov project during Coventry City of Culture where Coventry was turned into a City-wide Cinema. She is currently working on her next film projects and a programmer at Boudica Festival. Michelle recently became the Head of Careers and Industry at the Screen and Film School in Birmingham.

Stripey Socks Eyes
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A man miserably working in a warehouse feels his life is completely empty, who desperately wants something to be passionate about. Little does he know what might fly his way.

About the director

Moe Acharki is a filmmaker from Gibraltar. He graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a BA (Hons) Film & Television Production degree in 2022. He began creating short films with his friends and family at age 14, which became a life passion. In 2021, he spent six months creating his short film A Part of it All, which he intended to be his first film with the intention of competing in festivals. Since then, he has created his second proper short film, and has begun an internship at Nu Boyana Film Studios, in Bulgaria.

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This film follows a squishy, red character on a mission to create the illusive creature, the Tardigrade.

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