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Big Picture Show

Bringing the cinema experience to villages in Warwickshire and Staffordshire

Big Picture Show is a cinema service provided by Live & Local enabling communities to programme films in their local halls, with everything you need from the technical set up to the marketing materials.

Choose a film from one of our regularly updated Menus – packed with recent releases, screen classics, family fun, independent and foreign films – then get together to host an exciting and entertaining cinema night in your village venue! You’re not limited to these films, so if there’s something else you'd like, or you’d like to get more advice, just give us a call on 01926 402173. Booking of films can be done through our online Request Form.

Screening costs are listed for guidance but there are often special offers so please call 01926 402173 for advice. 

For more of the fun stuff, visit our Big Picture Show blog.


Big Picture Show – Horizons


Live & Local are pleased to announce that we have been awarded funding from the British Film Institute which will secure the ongoing delivery of Big Picture Show. The BFI award will fund screenings in a special project entitled “Big Picture Show – Horizons”. We are now able to announce details of the current offers and film menus which will be available from September 2017.

“BPS – Horizons” Menus

We will be offering 2 menus of films (and associated pricing) within the “Horizons” project:

  1. Priority Menu

These are films which meet the outcomes of the current BFI priorities. Please note that these films are not niche or experimental, but rather they are high quality independent British and international films which may be less likely to be screened at a multiplex cinema. We will carefully curate this menu to offer films which will appeal to your audiences, even if you may not have heard of the film previously.

  1. Launchpad Menu

These are films which are designed to appeal to a younger audience (although not necessarily to the detriment of other age groups). These are not just children’s films but aim to attract audiences who are under 30 years of age.
Please look at the Screening Costs page for information on the current pricing structure for films.


All Big Picture Show promoters are eligible to be part of this exciting project.
We will also be offering other enhanced screenings (with film notes, pre/post screening discussions etc) and exciting offers throughout the year associated with this project.

Please have a look at the HORIZONS MENU here!