Live and Local - Surprising Shows In Surprising Places

Get involved as a local Promoter

Would you like to bring quality, affordable, live entertainment to the heart of your community?

Is there a hall in your village but no village in your hall?

Do you want to liven up your community?

Live & Local is a network of volunteers across the East and West Midlands who choose and promote professional performances in local venues for their own community.

A professional office team support the network by helping you, the local organisation (the ‘Promoter’) to choose your shows, and by co-ordinating the bookings, subsidising your performances and helping you to attract the audiences.

It is all made possible by financial support from Arts Council England and your County, District or Borough councils; but it happens because of the support and enthusiasm of local volunteers and their communities.

Getting started…

All you need is an enthusiastic group of people and a venue and when you join the Live & Local network we’ll help you by:

  • Providing an annual ‘Menu’ (usually in February / March) which contains information about a wide range of high quality shows to suit all audiences and made especially for community venues;
  • Offering lots of friendly and helpful advice to help you to choose, promote and run the events;
  • Providing practical resources such as tickets, posters and leaflets to make it easier for you to attract your local audience;
  • Publicising your event on our website and in our seasonal brochures;
  • Subsidising the cost of performances using funding provided from your local authorities and Arts Council England;
  • Providing a Promoter Handbook full of helpful tips for choosing and putting on your event(s);
  • Keeping you in touch with the rest of the Live & Local network of volunteers.

Who can be involved?

ANY enthusiastic voluntary group can become part of the Live & Local network. We also occasionally work with professional organisations such as schools, libraries and professionally managed community centres. You don’t need to have a ‘theatre’ or any previous experience in promoting professional arts events.

Shows are available for big and small spaces, including village halls, churches, schools and community centres. You don’t need a stage or any special equipment.

What sorts of shows are there to choose from?

Live & Local provides an annual Menu (usually in February/March) which contains information about a wide range of carefully researched high quality shows that will appeal to a broad range of interests and ages – including drama, storytelling, music of all sorts, dance, comedy and puppetry.

The performers are all professional artists (individuals, theatre companies and musical groups) from across the UK who fit in with the community from the moment they arrive, enjoy what they’re doing and are expert at performing in venues like yours.




How much will it cost?

It’s FREE to join the Live & Local network!

Each show costs you from £240 (inc VAT). The fee usually takes the form of this minimum guarantee plus a percentage of the remainder of the box office receipts, after you have covered this minimum guarantee.

The performances are subsidised. Shows cost Live & Local between £300 and £1,000 per performance plus the costs of providing the marketing support, tickets and artists' accommodation.

The fees are set so you can cover your costs and usually make a small surplus for your funds. They vary from show to show and for particular days of the week.

We do not ask for any money up front.

You can request more than one show per year.

You can also elect to pay the full cost of a show in order to be able to book additional performances over and above any subsidised ones. You will still receive all the other support and benefits described above.

Contact information

To find out more and to request a copy of the full Live & Local Information Pack, please email us providing your contact details (name, telephone number and postal address), and the name of your group/community.

Tel: (01926) 402173