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After the success of Live & Local LivingRoom throughout 2020, we are pleased to say that we are able to expand this exciting initiative into 2021 all across our network.


What is Live & Local: LivingRoom?  

LivingRoom is a series of micro-commissions in which we pair professional artists/companies with a local community group to create a bespoke performance or piece of artwork. 

Live & Local: LivingRoom was launched last year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic when the UK was subject to lockdown. Funded by Warwickshire County Council’s Creative Health Alliance, the project connected communities during this difficult time by establishing creative collaborations with professional artists.  


The initiative was developed to enable people who were isolated or lonely, including those who do not have access to the internet or were shielding to participate. The first ten unique projects came from across Warwickshire and included a children’s support group, a WI group, a brand-new village community, a community heritage group and a volunteer COVID-19 support group.  


Together with their artists, the groups collaborated via Zoom workshop and phone conversations to create new artworks such a short films, live online concerts, CDs and books, which were then shared with the community.  

Check out some of last year’s wonderful LivingRoom projects on our YouTube channel.  You'll also find a bespoke book of poetry and prose called 'Community Spirit: Harbury In Lockdown', produced by Harbury Village Library in collaboration with Word Association CIC, here.



What does the process involve? 

Artists and communities work together through socially-distanced research, discussion, consultation and participation. Live & Local facilitates an introductory meeting with the artist and community group which is usually in the form of a Zoom meeting to discuss the project and ideas for collaboration. 

The artist will then hold conversations and/or workshops or other remote engagements with members of their paired community, and this will be used in the creation of a short work. This might be a series of songs, dance, a short film, a selection of poetry, a storytelling piece, or a physical artwork.  


Who can take part in LivingRoom? 

Live & Local welcomes community groups based in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire to register their interest in taking part in LivingRoom. Live & Local will then look to pair you up with a professional artist to begin working on a creative project together. 

We want the participating community groups to connect with different people within their community including those who are particularly isolated, vulnerable or need to maintain enhanced social distancing.  

Previous community groups include heritage group, a WI group, a community library, residents of a new village, a young carers support group and a volunteer COVID-19 support group. 

The project is not limited to community groups mentioned above. We welcome community groups of all kinds to get in touch with us if they are interested in taking part in the project.


Is this project Covid-safe? 

Engagement with the community must adhere to the relevant Covid Safe guidelines and legislation at the time and allow activity to continue during a state of national or local lockdown.

The company/artist will work with the community by accessible and appropriate remote means. This may be through digital applications such as Zoom, but could also include telephone conversations, letters, CDs and DVDs through the post.

The final work will be shared with the community via online channels (such as You-Tube or Facebook) and/or in a non-digital format to enable people who do not have access to digital content to also share in the work. This might include a touring book of poetry, DVD or CD of the work or direct story telling sessions by telephone.

Whatever the type of work, the intention is for it to involve different members of the community and then be shared as widely as possible throughout the community in a way which complies with the social distancing measures in place at the time. 


Is there a deadline?

There is no deadline for taking part in LivingRoom, Live & Local will work with different communities with a range of start dates beginning in February 2021. Collaborations for 2021 are already in progress and we welcome more community groups to get involved in this exciting project. 



Where can I find more information? 

Watch our short film to see how communities came together to create something positive during lockdown. 

You'll also find our LivingRoom playlist on YouTube.


Contact us at


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