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Horizons Menu

We will be offering 2 menus of films (and associated pricing) within the “Horizons” project:

Priority Menu

These are films which meet the outcomes of the current BFI priorities. Please note that these films are not niche or experimental, but rather they are high quality independent British and international films which may be less likely to be screened at a multiplex cinema. We will carefully curate this menu to offer films which will appeal to your audiences, even if you may not have heard of the film previously.

LaunchPad Menu

These are films which are designed to appeal to a younger audience (although not necessarily to the detriment of other age groups). These are not just children’s films but aim to attract audiences who are under 30 years of age.


All “BPS – Horizons” menu films will be offered at the following pricing structure:

  • Priority & LaunchPad Menu films will be offered at a flat fee of £125 (including VAT)
    • Booking a Priority or LaunchPad film will also allow you to book a film from the Standard menu at a discounted rate of a guaranteed fee of £140 plus 60% of the gross box office thereafter (when both films are booked together)