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Save Live & Local in Warwickshire!


Help us reverse Warwickshire County Council's decision to stop funding Live & Local events across the County and reinstate annual funding at the current level of £13,000.

Sign the Online Petition to Warwickshire County Council

Please encourage all your friends and neighbours in Warwickshire to support this campaign. The petition can be signed by anyone living, working or studying in Warwickshire and we need 1,000 of you to enable us to take this issue to the Cabinet of the County Council.

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About the Campaign

Warwickshire County Council (WCC) has taken the decision to cut its annual funding of £13,000 to Warwickshire’s community touring scheme after 28 years of support.

The Live & Local community touring scheme supports 50 voluntary groups across Warwickshire who bring local people together in community spaces to enjoy high quality, affordable and professional entertainment that they would not otherwise have access to.

“Live & Local has allowed me to see, listen to and experience world class artists in my local hall…there are many acts we would never have seen if it had not been for Live & Local” – Audience comments, July 2014

WCC has supported the community touring scheme since its inception in 1986, recognising that Live & Local supports a lot more than top-class professional entertainment:

  1. Community - Each event is a focus of social interaction across all ages and backgrounds; helping to reduce isolation and bringing local people together;

  2. Volunteering and local economy - Live & Local motivates people to volunteer and get involved, and supports the work of village hall committees and other associations;

  3. Value for money - for every £1 invested by WCC, an additional £7.38 is attracted from other sources each year including other funders, event revenue and £22,900 of volunteers’ time contribution.

We believe that the social and economic value for money created by Live & Local justifies £13,000 investment. This is approximately 0.003% of WCC’s annual budget.

This decision also threatens the Big Picture Show rural cinema network and also our ability to attract other money into the County that would support local communities, voluntary organisations and economic development through arts and cultural activities.

If you believe that WCC should reinstate the annual funding to enable Live & Local to continue supporting communities in Warwickshire, please sign our petition.


If you would like more information please email John Laidlaw ( or

Sarah Benn ( or call 01926 402173.

Thank you!

October 2014


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