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La Bella and the Lost Chord of UlaanbaatarLa Bella and the Lost Chord of Ulaanbaatar

Presented by La Bella Band

After successful shows with Live & Local last season, La Bella Band are back! Their musical cabaret style show with a retro adventure feel to it, has audiences of all ages joining in with the fun. It begins as a bumbling lecture promising ‘rare artifacts’ but swiftly descends into slapstick as the equipment comically fails and they have to fall back on their musical skills to get them out of the soup. There’s a perilous journey to relate at the heart of this daring quest by boat, airship and jalopy, across Europe, The Middle East, and Asia, and it’s all to find ‘The Lost Chord of Ulanbataar’. It’s a quest that they’ll certainly need a bit of audience help to succeed in. In their own words it’s ‘Eighty Days Around the World’, crossed with 'James Bond’, crossed with ‘Gardener's Question Time’. Performers, Kieran, Mark and Gary as well as being keen to get you involved, expertly play all sorts of stringed instruments including several different ukuleles and a balalaika. The songs are fun and witty (think Flanders and Swann) and all their own material – and include such ditties as “Yurts and Yaks (there’s no turning back)” and the They Might Be Giants classic “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” which you’re sure to be humming all the way home. It’s definitely a show with a twinkle in its eye, underpinned by a rattling good story. Altogether top chaps - they’re prepared to muck in, will draw the raffle if you need them to and stay they are always happy to help run the bar.

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Running time
70 min + 20 min interval

Audience Type
Adults/Older Children

Age Range

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