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Latchepen in Concert

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Presented by Latchepen

Performance date and time
Friday, 28th January 2022
7:00 PM

Gypsy-inspired acoustic chamber jazz from a brilliant London quartet; a set of virtuosic, wildly exciting instrumental music - full of romanticism and nostalgia - with an elegant ensemble sound and some sparkling, high octane solos. Led by acclaimed Scottish jazz violinist Matt Holborn, a Remi Harris accompanist, Latchepen (an exclamation of 'happiness' in the Romani language) embraces original compositions and joyous swing and jazz manouche standards with aplomb, the group's melodic, flamboyant interpretations pleasingly cliché free. _________________________________________________________________

Matt Holborn: violin Kourosh Kanani: guitar Jeremie Coullon: guitar Simon Read: bass

'The compositions are intelligent; the standards are well executed, and the performances are flawless.' London Jazz News 'Full of passion for Django Reinhardt and 30s swing… very melodic, extremely flamboyant, extremely romantic.' All About Jazz

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Running time
90 min + interval

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Adults/Older Children

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Arts Council, England