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Essex Girl

Show Details

Presented by Maria Ferguson

Performance date and time
Saturday, 11th December 2021
7:00 PM

Kirsty is a sixteen-year-old girl growing up in 00s Brentwood. She likes WKD, Elton John, Pie and Mash and Charlie Red body spray. She's on a quest to win Sexy Ricky's heart and pass her GCSEs. She also has a secret to tell you. One she can't tell anyone else. Follow Kirsty's story through the house parties and Irish pubs of Essex. From West Ham matches to choir practice, pre-drinks to registration, she will tell you what it's really like to be an Essex Girl. Essex Girl is the second show from award-winning theatre maker and real-life Essex Girl, Maria Ferguson (Fat Girls Don’t Dance).

This show is a monologue about growing up surrounded by expectation, of inappropriate relationships, female friendship, secrets, desires and alcopops. It questions how the Essex Girl stereotype influences young girls, what they want, what they think they deserve, and how they are treated. Wonderfully funny and ultimately hard-hitting it will resonate with a wide audience, particularly millenials, or anyone who has got too drunk at a house party.

'She said that when her mum gave up smoking she put on 2 stone, ‘cause every time she wanted a fag she’d just have a wagon wheel instead…she was on 40 a day!'

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Running time
1 hour + interval

Audience Type
Adults/Older Children

Age Range
16 +

Ticket Prices
£14.00 Standard

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01778 217030

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Arts Council, England