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Oldilocks and the 3 Bears

Show Details

Presented by Garlic Theatre

Performance date and time
Friday, 25th February 2022
6:00 PM

Oldilocks finds a teddy bear in the park and remembers a delicious bowl of porridge she tasted years ago in the woods. Something else happened but she can’t quite remember what . . . so she sets off for another adventure followed by a scruffy old pigeon. Will she find the bears house and what will happen then?

A wonderfully funny, magical and warm-hearted adaptation of the classic story starring bears, lots of porridge and a naughty old lady who looks very familiar. . . Oldilocks and the 3 Bears by Garlic Theatre will mesmerise young children and adults alike with its fascinating puppets, music and elements of joining in.

After the show the audience will have the chance to meet the puppets and the performer.

'Beautiful, simple, spellbinding. . . This is children’s theatre at its best.' Audience member 'Absolutely captivating' Audience member

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Running time
50 mins

Audience Type

Age Range
3-7 yrs

Ticket Prices
£12.00 Standard / £21.00 Group / £6.00 Under 8

Other Ticket Information
Doors open 5.30pm

Main Box Office Telephone Number
07789 994410

Available From 07789 994410

Additional Information
Doors open 5.30pm

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Arts Council, England