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Tiwkilin in Concert

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Presented by Tiwkilin

Performance date and time
Friday, 15th October 2021
7:30 PM

Pack your dreams, get ready to go on a journey. Open your ears. Then sail away, faraway and dive with Tiwkilin into a magical world where hypnotic percussions, and a voice like a promise will take you on unexpected paths opening a gate on the secret Berber kingdom.

Tiwkilin (*) is a rare and unique duo inspired by the oral tradition & memory transmission where a voice is only backed by percussion; however, it is also a contemporary duo with a fresh and modern world music touch. Songs are sung in Tamazight (Berber) the language of a two-thousand-year-old culture striving to be kept alive.

Iness Mezel, is a French-Berber intriguing award-winning singer-songwriter. She has toured extensively over the past few years with an acclaimed sound fusing blues with the North African Berber sounds of her Berber roots and was All Africa Kora Music Awards (Johannesburg) Best Female African Artist winner. More recently, with this new project, she has focused on work reflecting her heritage with distinctive balladry and upbeat desert blues driven on by handclaps, castanets and percussion.

Nora Abdoun, a rare female Berber/Amazigh who plays traditional percussion (Bendir, Karkab) which she inherited from her tribe, her ancestors who would accompany the different rituals (weddings, protection of the house during ceremonies or struggles);

Two women, two threads of a braid - the thread of silk and the thread of life recalling the magic heritage of their ancestors, celebrating their eager for freedom and their independent spirit. With a free spirit, sometimes joyful, sometimes more intense and emotional Iness Mezel, blessed with a voice that is as powerful and gutsy as it is gentle and seductive, expresses the versatility of her voice, through the singing of powerful ancient-echoing vocals or melodic and subtle improvisations & where Nora Abdoun plays sometimes stately, sometimes wildly rhythmic percussion, expressing with ease the beats of the earth with a delicate and elegant touch.

A show full of liveliness and charm where songs tell about women conditions and are inspired by celebration of nature, through poetic lyrics. Free and rebellious, a poetry which wends its way like the wind, mysterious yet remarkably intense. In this unique enchanted sound, you can hear a powerful and dramatic acoustic music reflecting the timeless majesty and space of the Berber mountains and deserts in every note.

(*) Tiwkilin is Tamazight (Berber) for "magical world"

★★★★ 'A powerful singer.' The Guardian ★★★★ Financial Times ★★★★ Mojo Magazine ★★★★ Q Magazine ★★★★ Songlines Magazine

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Running time
90 min

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£12.00 Standard

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Doors open 7pm. Licensed bar.

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07889 106755

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07889 106755

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Licensed bar open from 7pm

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