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The New Inn, Norton Lindsey

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The Moon Under Water

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Presented by Andrew James Brown

Performance date and time
Sunday, 18th August 2019
7:30 PM

George Orwell liked pubs. Andrew James Brown LOVES pubs. All pubs! Taking Orwell’s 1946 essay “The Moon Under Water” as a starting point, Brown looks at the joy of pubs, their essence and their greatness, and, most importantly, the people in them. Why not join him on his colourful journey through pubs great and small, from chain pubs to gastro, travelling through city gin-palaces and country inns across parquet flooring and sticky carpet alike. This humorous look at pubs and people takes in history, philosophy, musings, poems and tales of booze, horse brasses and Morris dancing, all washed down with a warm larger or two

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Adults/Older Children

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