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Fairfield Village Hall

Postcode: B61 9LZ


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Scratchy Beard in Concert

Show Details

Presented by Scratchy Beard

Performance date and time
Saturday, 28th March 2020
6:30 PM

An evening of songs and storytelling inspired by the swing and melodies of gypsy jazz, adorned by the storytelling spirit of Anglo-Celtic folk and spiced with a gentle nod to rootsy blues. Experienced performers, Scratchy Beard are an up-beat and enjoyable live quartet. _________________________________________________________________

Spesh: vocals, guitar Sara: cello Greg: drums Laura: clarinet, organ, melodica & tin whistle

What happens if you take the intoxicating swing and feel of gypsy jazz, add storytelling songs inspired by English and Celtic folk, and throw in a pinch of bluesy roots & rhythm? Gypsy-jazzy-rootsy-folk, of course! Experienced performers, Scratchy Beard are an up-beat and enjoyable live quartet offering something a little different: very accessible roots/alt-folk/gypsy jazz music with an ear-catching line up of guitar, cello, drums & clarinet with, at times, three-part and four-part harmonies along with a reed organ, tin whistles, melodica & bottle-top slide guitar. Scratchy Beard perform at venues and festivals all over the country, they sing a song or two in French and enjoy the occasional appearance of a blues melodica and tin whistles. They often reveal the engaging stories behind the songs they perform, which assists in creating a good connection with audiences. Having met in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Scratchy Beard are well-known in the Warwickshire area and have previously performed at the RSC. Describing themselves as ‘a cocktail of died-in-the-wool touring musos, classically trained instrumentalists and a celebrated illustrator.’ Founder member Spesh Maloney has scored and sound-designed for several feature films, film-shorts and theatre shows including the award-winning BBC documentary: Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster. Prepare yourself for an entertaining evening journeying through an upbeat, fun and sincere collage of trans-European roots music.

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Running time
90 min + interval (Double performance options)

Audience Type
Adults/Older Children

Age Range

Ticket Prices
£11.00 Standard / £8.50 Standard in advance / £5.00 Under 16

Other Ticket Information
Doors open from 6pm. Coffee & Cake on Sale.

Main Box Office Telephone Number
07762 749 943

Available From
Call 07762 749 943 or at Fairfield Cafe, 81 Stourbridge Road, Fairfield, Bromsgrove, B61 9LY.

Additional Information
Bring Your Own Alcohol & Glasses.

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