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The Storm Officer

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Presented by Bramble Theatre

Performance date and time
Thursday, 27th February 2020
7:30 PM

Wild storms; hurricanes; flooding! Sound familiar? ‘The Storm Officer’ tells the tale of one town’s struggle when faced with the realities of extreme weather and the ever-increasing impact of climate change. It’s inspired by true stories from real people, and then channelled through the lens of Bramble Theatre. Their work is known for its sunny disposition, even when dealing with big issues, so expect gentle comedy and verbal gymnastics interwoven with a tune or two sung with the help of first-class accordion playing. It’s a funny and poignant play about what it means to still call somewhere home in the face of adversity. This show has had a rather unusual genesis; originally commissioned as a pamphlet of poems, it soon developed into a narrative that needed to be seen on the stage. The poems themselves were inspired by a TEMPEST database (‘Spaces of experience and horizons of expectation’ project) which cover the often highly sensitive and emotional issues of contemporary flooding in Cumbria, specifically the after effects of Storm Desmond in 2015. Many were under siege by record-breaking rainfall and gale-force winds, adverse conditions that had people fleeing their homes in search of safety. Such extremity is becoming increasingly frequent, a fact that led Bramble Theatre to look back on the history of horrendous weather and discover forgotten tales from over the last thousand years: stories of wild floods, Nottinghamshire whirlwinds, fire-drakes, and the very Thames frozen over! Using these true stories as the foundations for the show, and in collaboration with the TEMPEST researchers, Bramble want to investigate how we remember historical weather. Perhaps through the telling of tales or local folklore? In this way the show is as much of a learning experience for the performers as it the audience, making it a lovely communal event. ‘I came to see it because I was evacuated in the flood. I thought how well he had captured the horrific experience – but putting his description over in a good humoured and entertaining way – more effective than a gloomy portrayal. I most enjoyed the variety of voices, the combination of words and music, the acting was outstanding and so fluent, moving from one character to another.’ Audience member ‘Enjoyed very much. I have personal experience of flooding… Strong mix of music, humour and emotion… Clearly draws on real life experience. This is a strength of the play and makes it easy to engage with.’ Audience member

‘It's brilliantly observed, funny as hell, poignant and timely.’ Audience member

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Running time
65 min (Optional Interval)

Audience Type
Adults/Older Children

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£10.00 Standard / £5.00 Under 18

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