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The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse

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Presented by New Perspectives Theatre

Performance date and time
Saturday, 25th January 2020
2:00 PM

One day a mouse was strolling through the forest when suddenly he was swallowed by a wolf. ‘Oh Woe!’ he cried from inside the wolf’s belly, that is before discovering a duck in there too who rather enjoys his cosy new digs and doesn’t fancy leaving, thank you very much! Together the two form an unlikely friendship where dancing and playing are at the top of the agenda, however, while they play the day the wolf is being hunted by a nasty human. Can the two hatch a plan to save Wolf from the hunter’s rifle and continue to live in belly-based harmony? This is delightful tale of animal antics, one which is drawn directly from the much-loved picture book, ‘The Wolf, The Duck and The Mouse’. Its creators - Mac Barnett and John Klassen - are two of the biggest names in contemporary young children’s literature so to have it brought to the stage for the first time in the UK is a thrilling and noteworthy event. Mac Barnett is a New York Times bestselling author. His books have sold more than one million copies in the United States and have been translated into more than 30 languages. The characters have been carefully drawn and will delight young children; in particular, Duck, who’s cast as an eccentric family member at a wedding. Their set design takes its cue from the original books with a warm, wintery aesthetic which should be extremely evocative for the audience. The play itself provides an important message about environmentalism to children and families alike; poor old wolf is chomping on all sort of unpleasant detritus that has been left scattered around the forest floor. It’s a modern day fairytale about taking care of the natural world, as well finding friendship in the darkest of places. Following on from their recent smash hit success of ‘The Giant Jam Sandwich’, New Perspectives Theatre return to rural touring with this deliciously sweet and funny story. Live & Local audiences many have also seen their previous production, ‘The Man Without A Past’, which will give some indication to the quality of the work. ‘A subversive delight… an unexpected, hilarious collaboration.’ The Guardian (on previous show, ‘The Giant Jam Sandwich’)

★★★★ 'The best kind of children's theatre.' The Stage ★★★★★ 'Perfect theatrical adaptation.' The List

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Running time
60 min

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£10.00 Standard / £8.00 Member / £5.00 Under 16

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Doors open 1.30pm. Car park opposite village hall.

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Call: 01507 450 202

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Doors open 1.30pm. Car park opposite village hall.

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