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The Snow Dancer

Show Details

Presented by Badapple Theatre

Performance date and time
Saturday, 14th December 2019
3:30 PM

Experts when it comes to festive family favourites (‘The Mice Who Ate Christmas' and 'The Elves and The Carpenter’), this popular North Country theatre troupe return with a tale of woodland animals who must take matters into their own paws. It's a fairy tale with a furry tail! Come along on a comic adventure with a group of creatures who are trying to hibernate but keep waking up because it’s just too warm for them to sleep. They're tired and grumpy and know that the only person who might just be able to save the day and make it snow is the mysterious Snow Dancer. But where can they find Snow Dancer, and will they make it snow? There are two actors on stage alongside puppets and animation, as well as live catchy songs to enjoy. Badapple Theatre's respected creative team are drawn from BBC Radio, TV and regional repertory companies. The story of their success is they tour lots of shows to lots of village venues offering a 'full theatre experience' of stage, lights, sound and excellent performers. Part of the Live & Local Launchpad CYP programme (firing the imagination of children and young people).

'Rural magic.' The Stage 'Badapple Theatre is certainly worth keeping an eye out for.' The Reviews Hub

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Running time
105 mins + interval

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Age Range

Ticket Prices
£11.00 Standard / £8.50 Standard in advance / £5.00 Under 16

Other Ticket Information
Includes free cakes & squash/hot drinks.

Main Box Office Telephone Number
07762 749943

Available From
Call: 07762 749 943 or at Fairfield Café, 81 Stourbridge Road, Fairfield, Bromsgrove B61 9LY

Additional Information
Join us for a Festive Fairfield Christmas. Includes free cakes & squash/hot drinks.

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