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Cosby Community Library

Postcode: LE9 1RN

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Presented by Ginny Davis Productions

Performance date and time
Thursday, 21st November 2019
7:30 PM

Ginny Davis is Ruth Rich, wife and mother of three. Ruth’s kids have flown the nest and she’s packing up the house ready to downsize. Sale agreed. All sorted. Then it starts to rain. And then the doorbell rings. Ruth is magnetically drawn to the unexpected and children, especially when adult, are unpredictable. Set in a 1990s kitchen extension with a boiling kettle as a side character, this endearing look at middle-class family life. In the second half, Ginny presents her talk ‘To the Fringe and Beyond’ where she narrates her career path to the Edinburgh Fringe with an added Q & A.

'Eminently entertaining.' Stratford-upon-Avon Herald

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Running time
90 min + interval

Audience Type
Adults/Older Children

Age Range

Ticket Prices
£10.00 Standard

Other Ticket Information
Doors open 7pm. Car park available. 14+

Main Box Office Telephone Number
07871 257 242

Available From
Call: 07871 257 242 or available from the Library.

Additional Information
Doors open 7pm. Car park available. 14+

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Arts Council, England