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Bonington Theatre, Arnold

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Mountain Music

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Presented by Farnham Maltings Theatre

Performance date and time
Wednesday, 13th November 2019
7:30 PM

A unique theatre experience exploring stories around migration through music. Told in exquisite three-part harmony, you’re invited on a journey of musical migration to the birth of what we now call 'Country Music'. _________________________________________________________________

When pioneers from the British Isles came to settle in the Appalachian Mountains they brought with them, in their invisible baggage, songs from "the old country". These songs took on a new life amidst the new land into what we recognise today as Country Music. Join award winning Little Bulb Theatre for a fun and enjoyable evening of storytelling and foot-stomping music. Told in exquisite three-part harmony and featuring fiddle, bass, guitar, banjo and mandolin, you’ll be in for a theatrical feast of tales and songs. In their latest show, Little Bulb weave a historical and fantastical tapestry creating an unforgettable evening of story and song and taking you on a journey of musical migration to the birth of what we now call "Country Music". Little Bulb are a much-celebrated, award winning touring company of international acclaim. Fans of rural touring may remember their last co-production with Farnham Maltings, ‘The Marvellous & Unlikely Fete of Little Upper Downing’. Little Bulb Theatre are based in the South East of England and are passionate about developing devised and physical theatre performances which explore and illuminate minute human details that, in a world so big, are easily swallowed up. Combining innovative character work, beautiful imagery and exciting homemade music, once again, Little Bulb have created a show that is filled with humour and sadness and deliver a performance that will touch, startle and entertain.

'Little Bulb is the cause of big joy.' The Guardian ‘Boundlessly enthusiastic, insanely optimistic and inexpressibly charming.’ The Observer ★★★★★ The Telegraph

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Running time
90 min + interval

Audience Type
Adults/Older Children

Age Range

Ticket Prices
£10.00 Standard / £8.00 Over 60 / £8.00 Student / £8.00 Disabled / £8.00 Job Seeker / £8.00 Under 16

Main Box Office Telephone Number
0115 9013 640

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Call 0115 9013 640 or from

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