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Little Frankenstein

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Presented by Lempen Puppet Theatre Company

Performance date and time
Friday, 18th October 2019
4:00 PM

Little Frankenstein' features puppeteer Frank Stein rehearsing for his new show 'George the Dragon Slayer' but he's finding it difficult with his badly made puppets. Taking inspiration from Dr Frankenstein, and with the help of the audience he creates George, who emerges from the workshop – innocent and willing to learn, but Frank is so intent on the planned rehearsal that he neglects to look after his new child. Interpreting Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' for children and families, Lempen Puppet Theatre deal with the idea of the role of the creator or parent, and the question of life itself. A treat not to be missed!

'The imaginative storytelling shines through.' Bristol 24/7

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Running time
55 min

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Age Range

Ticket Prices
£12.00 Standard / £8.00 Under 16

Other Ticket Information
Doors open 3pm, Free parking, Snacks available.

Main Box Office Telephone Number
0116 230 4877

Available From
Call 0116 230 4877 or The MMC Box Office, 105 Leicester Road, Mountsorrel LE12 7DB.

Additional Information
Doors open from 3pm, Snacks available.

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