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Presented by Nikki & JD

Performance date and time
Friday, 4th October 2019
7:30 PM

Knot is physically exhilarating and touchingly poignant. These talented performers use circus skills, acrobatics and storytelling to tell the tale of an impossible choice: How can we be honest with ourselves without hurting those we love? Knot is a very modern affair told with delicate sensitivity through breath-taking acrobatics and heart wrenching dance. Created in collaboration with award-winning choreographer Ben Duke of Lost Dog Dance Company (also on this year’s menu), Knot is a very modern affair told with delicate sensitivity through breath-taking acrobatics and heart wrenching dance. A wonderful, enthralling show that is enjoyable for all. The height clearance and knowing about possible obstructions is important. There is wraparound activity available- The artists would be delighted to do a post-show Q&A, which could involve a behind-the-scenes explanation of life as an acrobat. They are also able to offer actrobatic workshops. ‘This is one of my favourite shows on the current menu. For me it strikes the perfect balance (pun intended) of dazzling acrobatic feats and off-the-cuff comedy. The show explores the relationship between the two central performers and does so with athletic dance sequences and causal storytelling – storytelling which made me laugh out loud a few times. With the dance there are plenty of ‘hold your breath’ moments as Nikki flies and drops with just JD as a crash mat, and these make for a compelling performance. Equally they’re so comfortable in each other’s company that the audience are also invited to feel at ease and part of their onstage dynamic, something that becomes increasingly important as the pair experience the ups and downs of being in a couple. I would definitely recommend this show to people who fancy a night of entertainment as the pair are great fun to listen to and their dancing is nothing short of thrilling.’ Jo Dorey - Live & Local 'Knot is an exhilarating show of circus and dance. Nikki and JD’s partnership are full of literal ups and downs as they explore their relationship with one another. Strength abounds in this show, but it is the delicate moments of warmth and with that will delight any village hall.' Mollie Davidson - Live & Local

'Knot' effortlessly combines gasp-inducing spectacle with tender and intimate moments.' Culture Tiger

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Running time
55 min

Audience Type
Adults/Older Children

Age Range

Ticket Prices
£10.50 Standard / £7.00 Student / £8.00 In Adv Over 60

Other Ticket Information
The Drama Studio. Doors open 7.15pm.

Main Box Office Telephone Number
01905 855 509

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Call: 01905 855 509. Collect tickets on the door on the day of show.

Additional Information
The Drama Studio. Doors open 7.15pm.

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