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Jubilee Centre, Balsall Common

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Driving Lessons (2006)

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Presented by Big Picture Show/Moving Pictures

Performance date and time
Saturday, 12th January 2019
8:00 PM

Ben Marshall (Rupert Grint), a seventeen-and-a-half year old boy, was struggling to become a young man. Although living in what appeared to be a strong Christian household, Ben was urging to break away from his overpowering mother and a push-over father. Ben, a struggling poet, finds a housekeeping job for a retired actress named Evie (Julie Walters). Ben, who comes from a house of constant fighting, is very sad when he meets Evie. Despite his unhappiness, Ben opens up his heart and becomes close to Evie, making her feel cheerful after the longest time of being unhappy from horrors in her past. Not only does Ben housekeep for Evie, he also accompanies her on other events like camping trips where they spend time quoting plays with one another and just plain having fun. It doesn't take long for Evie to realize that she needs Ben in every aspect in her life, and he needs Evie, too, and in the end, Evie helps Ben become the man he wants to be. URBAN CINEFILE’S Louise Keller SAYS: “It's a charming and thoroughly enjoyable film”

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Running time
95 mins

Audience Type
15 Yrs & Over (15)

Ticket Prices
£6.00 (Adult)

Main Box Office Telephone Number
07956 662021

Available From
Balsall Common Pharmacy

Additional Information
Doors Open 7:30pm. Ticket price includes a free drink (glass of wine, soft drink or hot drink).

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