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Thomas Carnduff - Songs of the Shipyard

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Presented by Peacock Angell Trio

Performance date and time
Saturday, 16th March 2019
7:30 PM

A beautiful mix of exquisite and arresting songs, poetry, biographical readings and storytelling, as Peacock Angell sets the exceptional poems of Thomas Carnduff (1886-1956) to music.

A shipyard labourer and library caretaker, Carnduff is one of the greatest Belfast writers of the 20th century, 'the Sean O'Casey of the North' (Irish Times), who dramatised the lives of the working-class at the time of the Titanic, and during the recession of the 1930s. A formidable set, hugely moving. _________________________________________________________________

Ruth Angell: vocals, violin

Sid Peacock: guitar, vocals

Steve Tromans/ Andrew Woodhead: piano

Peacock Angell draws the audience into the world of working-class Northern Irish shipyard poet and dramatist Thomas Carnduff, performing original musical settings of his poems interwoven with biographical excerpts, and giving a fascinating insight into life in early-20th century Belfast.

A truly captivating mix of the historical, political and personal, with violinist/singer Ruth Angell (Ashley Hutchings' Rainbow Chasers) bringing her spellbindingly pure voice, and Sid Peacock his engagingly gruff Northern Irish brogue and sensitive and dextrous acoustic guitar, to the beautiful and affecting folk songs.

'Wildly creative.' Independent on Sunday

Born in 1886, and originally from Sandy Row, Thomas Carnduff did many unskilled jobs in his life before finding permanent work as a labourer in the Belfast Shipyard - which provided inspiration for his many poems and earned him the nickname 'The Shipyard Poet' - and then as a caretaker in Belfast's Linen Hall Library.

Unusually for a man of his background, Carnduff regularly frequented libraries and was a prolific writer. His poetry and plays, such as 'Songs Of The Shipyard and Workers' (premiered at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin), reflects his love of Belfast and its people and dramatised the lives of the urban working-class, a section rarely heard in literary and cultural forums of mid-century Ireland.

'Carnduff lived in such poverty he couldn't afford the paper to write on at times. He used the Belfast idiom, the way people spoke in the Thirties, and he wrote about domestic violence. He didn't make any money, but he got the voice of the working man out there.' Dan Gordon, 'Groundbreakers: In The Shadow Of The Shipyard' (BBC Two)

'Thomas Carnduff: Songs Of The Shipyard' premiered at the Eastside Arts Festival, Belfast in summer 2017 with members of the Contact Singers Choir, brass musicians from The Ulster Orchestra, and narration by Sam and Joan McCready.

★★★★★ Financial Times

'A storming set… mesmeric.' BBC Music

'Absolutely amazing… scintillating.' Maverick Magazine

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100 min + interval

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