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Broadbent Theatre, Wickenby

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Hansel & Gretel

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Presented by Uchenna Dance

Performance date and time
Sunday, 10th March 2019
3:00 PM

A fun, noisy, colourful contemporary family dance-theatre retelling of one of the oldest folk tales, with Hansel & Gretel cast as superheroes for a modern world, ready to take on challenges that would have grown ups quaking in their boots. Arriving in a new country? Wham! Separated from Dad? Biff! Getting lost? Zap! Strange sights and smells? Pow! Foster home? Kaboom! These two are braver than brave.

Cleverly done with a very fine cast, irresistibly funky music, energetic African traditional and contemporary dance, and a quirky sense of humour, this is a madcap pleasure for all ages.

Commissioned by the Rural Touring Dance Initiative (making the best dance happen in small spaces), supported by Arts Council England. Part of the Live & Local Launchpad CYP programme (firing the imagination of children and young people).

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Running time
40 min tbc

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Ticket Prices
£10.00 Standard / £9.00 Under 18 / £9.00 Over 60

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0300 4000101

Available From or call 0300 4000101

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Arts Council, England