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The Bookshop Band

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Presented by The Bookshop Band

Performance date and time
Saturday, 23rd March 2019
7:30 PM

Beth Porter and Ben Please write songs inspired by books and play them in bookshops (and village halls).

With beguiling charm these quite unfairly talented musicians distil the essence of their reading - no novel too daunting, no book too big, no genre too intimidating - into beautiful, delicately crafted four-minute folk-pop songs. In a very special evening, their literary kaleidoscope of words and music draws you in and takes you somewhere really fabulous. _________________________________________________________________

Beth Porter (Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band): cello, vocals, ukulele, recorder, dodgy clarinet

Benedict Peter Alfred Please (Urusen): guitar, glockenspiel, vocals, ukulele, harmonium

The Bookshop Band is the offspring of an artistic love-affair between two award-winning songwriters / composers and their local independent bookshop - Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath, winner of the Independent Bookseller of the Year, twice, and regularly 'one the top 10 bookshops in the world' (The Guardian).

Their songs are the musical outpouring of the band's own response to books they have read.

'A great book intensely fires your imagination over the time it takes to read it. You are living the life of that character or exploring a time or place you’ve never been to before. As we turn to write, trying to evoke what it was about the book that most resonated with us, what emerges are highly personal songs but from new points of view, inevitably influenced by the different perspectives experienced whilst reading the book.' Ben Please

Beth and Ben bring the books - along with a travelling bookshop in case you discover your new favourite - to the stage along with a multitude of instruments and their distinct voices, creating a cinematic sound that draws the audience right in to a highly intimate performance, at once touching and mesmerizing, heart wrenching and funny.

'Enchanting!' David Mitchell (author: Cloud Atlas)

'Really fabulous new music.' Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

'The Bookshop Band's approach to song writing is entirely original, and the results are both surprising and beautiful.' Louis de Bernières (author: Captain Corelli's Mandolin)

Critically acclaimed, incredibly prolific (13 albums in 8 years) and quite unique, they have undertaken major UK and European tours, writing over 150 songs, collaborating with some of the biggest names in the literary world, including Philip Pullman, Yann Martel, Louis de Bernieres, Joanne Harris and Ben Okri, and been commissioned to create new work by BBC Radio 3, The V&A Museum (a musical series of banned books), The Pompidou Centre and The National Portrait Gallery. Now based in Wigtown - Scotland's Book Town, the band continue to write and tour apace.

'I was enchanted and enthralled. What a great, clever, literate musical night!' Ian Rankin (author: Inspector Rebus novels)

'The Bookshop Band have nailed it. With aplomb. And love. And sparkly, radiant magic. It's a modern day Twinkle meets fairytale-land for adults. You'll be smitten.' BBC Radio 6 Music

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Running time
120 min + interval

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£12.00 Standard / £10.00 Standard in advance Under 16

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(Free Under 16)

Main Box Office Telephone Number
01673 828478

Available From
The Painted Tree, Church Street, Nettleton and Committee Members or call 01673 828478

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Licensed Bar open from 7.00p.m.

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