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A Hundred Different Words for Love

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Presented by Tangram Theatre Company

Performance date and time
Friday, 25th January 2019
8:00 PM

It has been said that the Eskimo language has some improbably large number of words for 'snow'; how is it then that we struggle to find the right words to make sense of love?

Looking back on a devasting breakup, master storyteller James Rowland shares his quest to survive in a way that every member of the audience can understand. Both hilarious and heart-lifting, this very personal story of romance, despair and friendship is told with great charm and wit, live music, original songs (and unoriginal emotions) and above all, heartfelt honesty. An utterly engaging gem of a show.

★★★★ 'Bittersweet and carefully crafted storytelling theatre about love, loss and friendship.' The Stage

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Running time
70 min (No interval)

Audience Type
Adults/Older Children

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Ticket Prices
£10.00 Standard

Main Box Office Telephone Number
01507 463666

Available From
JB Flowers, South Street, Alford. 01507 463 666

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