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The Origin of Species

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Presented by Tangram Theatre Company

Performance date and time
Thursday, 28th September 2017
7:30 PM

The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Survival of (R)Evolutionary Theories in the Face of Scientific and Ecclesiastical Objections: Being a Musical Comedy about Charles Darwin (1809-1882).

Charles Darwin is hard at work on his new book about barnacles. To boost sales, his publisher has invited you young and not so young naturalists to watch him at work. Easily distracted, Charles begins sharing his family history, songs he has written and some of his new discoveries about barnacles. However today is about to prove to be no ordinary day.

Charles receives a letter from a fellow naturalist claiming that he has come up with the idea of the origin of species, an idea Charles has been working on for 20 years. Suddenly, he must finish his book!

'The Origin of Species' is a critically acclaimed one-man musical comedy for all ages about Charles Darwin and his scientific theories, packed with audience interaction, big theories, terrible puns, brilliant physical comedy and original songs about everything from boring barnacles to the perils of marrying your cousin.

'Remarkably inventive, thoroughly entertaining… extraordinarily effective... science can rarely have been so much fun.' The Stage: A Must See Show

'Brings Darwin to life for 21st Century audiences.' ★★★★ The Scotsman

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Running time
70 mins (Optional Q&A)

Audience Type
Adults/Older Children

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£10.00 Standard / £9.00 Over 65 / £9.00 Under 18

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