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Statement about COVID-19 crisis


Live & Local has made the difficult decision to cancel all events for the remainder of the Spring/Summer season This means we will have cancelled near to 170 live events or film screenings.


Coronavirus is having an unprecedented, rapidly escalating impact on the arts sector, and all the artists, staff and suppliers that rely on the entertainment/ cultural sector for their livelihoods.


We thank all our audiences, funders, voluntary promoter groups and artists for their understanding and best wishes. It means such a lot to us, particularly at this extremely challenging time.


Our pledge to the sector....


Our national organisation (NRTF) is working hard to support the sector and to pull together advocacy and information for the future. For Live & Local, our focus turns now to protecting the future of our rural touring and community cinema schemes, to ensure everyone has something special to come back to in the later months of the year. We are determined to succeed, to retain our dedicated team, and to get our shows back on track as soon as possible.


Our pledge to the local voluntary promoters...


We are actively working with our voluntary promoter groups towards bringing high-quality drama, music, dance and family shows to communities within the Midlands as part of our Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021 seasons.


Our pledge to the artists...


Artists will receive a fee for all of their cancelled performances. This will inevitably be at a much-reduced level.


Anyone who has bought tickets to a cancelled event is entitled to a refund but we have asked our promoters to ask their audiences to consider leaving their ticket refund unclaimed, turning their purchased ticket into a donation to support and help safeguard the artists and companies whose shows have been cancelled, and who are suddenly losing all their income for the foreseeable future. 


Our pledge to communities...


Rural touring arts organisations are fleet of foot and are in the perfect position to keep connections going and support rural and local communities. They are mindful of those in their communities who are older and less-digitally literate and will consider how to keep them in the loop. Where possible, they will support those living in social isolation and loneliness, especially where rural touring events are a support for them. This will be done via regular communications with promoters and audiences alongside the sharing of resources and opportunities.


Our pledge to audiences...


We are also working hard to find creative ways of engaging with our voluntary promoter groups and audiences and share experiences together in the uncharted weeks ahead, and will look to do so through Facebook, Twitter and our Blog.


The show must go on(line)!


We are looking at how we can help create online events/ digital resources in response to the cancellations.


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